Eve, Quinn, & Bonnie

October 15, 2011

Over the course of seven months TOH created three 15-second live action spots: Eve, Quinn, and Bonnie for bestselling author Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan Trilogy. The popular trilogy follows a forensic sculptor’s tireless search to find the truth behind the abduction and murder of her own daughter Bonnie, in a narrative that spans over several years.

The Other House utilized both traditional and unconvential methods of filmmaking to create the many scenes and locations in these spots.

We often storyboard our live action spots before shooting them. The boards provide a glimpse at the planned edit as well as a reference during production. Below are a few side by side comparisons of some of the initial storyboard frames and the final shots from the commercial.

Below is a quick video showing the before and after of some police shots we shot in our own yard.

To maximize a conservative budget, we utilized some practical locations in our home office in scenic Topanga, CA. It was a fun challenge to work within our own space to create some unique and pivotal scenes for the spots, and who can complain about working from home!? Below is Eve’s basement forensic lab. Set dressing by Amber Votel.

A clay head prop sculpted by Mike Damski.

Steve Roth and Alex Anam setting up for the next shot.

Moss, smoke, and some dynamic lighting were used to create the look of a Louisiana swamp.

Shooting another take of the swamp scene.