Make It Awesome

It’s what we do. Founded by four award winning industry professionals in 2011, we are a boutique creative studio with offices in Los Angeles and Portland Oregon. Our list of services include development, physical production, branding, motion graphics and visual effects. We craft with passion and purpose. We turn heads.
We make impressions. Accept no alternative.

  1. Branding
  2. Live Action Production
  3. Copywriting
  4. Broadcast Design
  5. Art Direction
  6. Concept Development
  7. Animation
  8. Wardrobe Styling
  9. Prop Styling
  10. Visual Effects
  11. Editing


Chris Roth

Executive Director / Principal Animator

Creative mastermind Chris Roth studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, where he quickly established himself in the world of painting and illustration before transitioning into the digital realms of motion graphics and animation. Now he is a much sought-after award winning designer and director utilizing his well-honed creative eye and gift for visual storytelling across many different media. In his spare time, Chris enjoys camping and crafting traditional stained glass windows.

Steve Roth

Director of Photography / Creative Director

Steve’s passion for filmmaking began when he was a little kid making home movies with his brother Chris. Since graduating from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a major in Cinematography, he has shot, written, edited, directed and produced commercials, short films, music videos, web series, and skate videos. Steve is also a skateboarder himself and has been skating for over 18 years.

Amber Votel

Creative Director / Stylist

Amber has been creating art, costumes, and accessories since her youth. Her natural creative sense plus degrees in Art History and Accessory Design enabled her to establish a career as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer while living in New York and Los Angeles. She now leads the Art Department at The Other House and manages all art direction, wardrobe and prop styling, costume design, and casting. She currently lives in Portland, where she also creates a badass garden.

Lara Ravdjee Roth

Producer / Development Director/ Stylist

Lara’s foray into film production began over a decade ago while working on student films in college. After earning a degree in Marketing & Communications, she worked on several major studio motion pictures before co-founding The Other House. Lara now runs the live-action production department where she develops, writes, and produces numerous campaigns, and also works as a freelance stylist. In her spare time she loves cooking, reading tarot, and creating organic spice blends from her kitchen in Topanga, CA.

Andrew Nicolai

Animator / Designer

Drawing from a diverse graphic skill set, Andrew has worked professionally in print, web, and motion graphic design. Upon completing the Graphic Design program at Parsons School of Design, he traveled the world in the pursuit to expand his artistic expertise. Andrew's expertise is put to good use at The Other House where he creates dynamic motion content.

Adam Gross

Animator / Designer

Since graduating from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Communication Design, Adam has worked on creative projects ranging from set and print design to motion graphics and animation. Adam is our expert "Master Rigger" on set, but mostly he wows us by creating gorgeous animated and motion content. When he is not busy making graphics, wooden crafts, or building houses, you can find him exploring the wild frontier… or Reddit.

Jared Votel

Web Developer

Between stints as a bike traveler and urban farmer, Jared still finds time to blow our minds as a coding genius. Jared is a self-taught web programmer and problem solver in addition to photographer, beekeeper, duck wrangler and microscope looker.

Amanda Bernard

Digital Marketing Strategist

Amanda has more than a decade of experience in multimedia marketing and advertising. She works one on one with clients to help them develop and utilize effective strategies for paid, organic, social and other digital marketing channels. Her diverse digital marketing background includes SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, PR, Content Strategy, Online Advertising and Mobile Marketing. When she has free time, you can find her in the kitchen creating natural beauty products.